Jeevanvidya has started it’s new english teleconferences on Life management Skills - every Saturday @ 9:30 PM ending at 10:00 PM EST. Jeevanvidya teleconferences are conducted weekly in various languages

Anugraha (spiritual connection) with Shri Wamanrao Pai

Shri Wamanrao Pai devoted his entire life since 1952 to share spiritual wisdom and life management skills with everyone who is keen to uplift their mindset and improve their life.

Many of his students have implemented Jeevanvidya to achieve a wholesome, healthy, happy, peaceful, successful and safe life.

In simple terms Anugraha means accepting an entrance into Jeevanvidya Knowledge Center. It is the initiation of establishing a relationship with your guide or teacher. This initial step paves a path to grow as a student in learning Jeevanvidya or life management skills.
This process overall might take around 45 minutes.

Please complete the student registration form in the following screen before starting eAnugraha.