Jeevanvidya has started it’s new english teleconferences on Life management Skills - every Saturday @ 9:30 PM ending at 10:00 PM EST. Jeevanvidya teleconferences are conducted weekly in various languages

Please keep the following prerequisites ready before the eAnugraha :

a. The ebook for ‘Sharir Sakshaat Parmeshwar’
(To be ordered prior to the Anugraha from any of the links as below)


2. शरीर साक्षात परमेश्वर, सैतान सुद्धा-Sharir Sakshat Parmeshwar, Saitan suddha by Wamanrao Pai – Jeevanvidya Foundation –

(Incase you have a physical copy of the book ‘शरीर साक्षात परमेश्वर’, please keep it ready)

b. Flowers/Garland

c. Coconut/Any Fruit(s)