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Jeevanvidya Center Inc.USA had organized the first ever global convention in the United States of America on July 2016 at Holiday Inn Express Parsippany NJ. The convention took place on July 2nd and July 3rd, 2016.

Jeevanvidya senior mentor and well known Life management speaker Mr. Prahlad Pai (Son of the founder of Jeevanvidya, Satguru shri Wamanrao Pai ) was the chief speaker of the convention. The other honorable speakers were the senior students of Jeevanvidya, Mr Subhash Kelkar, Dr. Shilpa Lad, Dr Dilip Patwardhan and Mr.Ashish Kulkarni. People from various states of USA and the other parts of the world had attended this event.

The most demanding topics were covered during the convention were 1) ‘ Divinity’ myths and reality 2) ‘ Happiness ‘ and how do we get it? 3) The power of mind and beyond mind 4) Living life in tune with the Universal laws of Nature 5) ‘ Divine Bank ‘ the science behind it 6) Enjoy stress 7) Successful parenting 8) Successful interpersonal relationships.

This was a complete retreat for all the Jeevanvidya students within USA and from all over the world to be in the company of Jeevanvidya senior mentor Mr Pralhad Pai as well as other honorable speakers and faculty members of Jeevanvidya.

The convention was a huge accomplishment as many new attendees enrolled themselves into Jeevanvidya school to learn life changing Jeevanvidya wisdom and also the great positive feedbacks that event organizers had received about the event.