Jeevanvidya has started it’s new english teleconferences on Life management Skills - every Saturday @ 9:30 PM ending at 10:00 PM EST. Jeevanvidya teleconferences are conducted weekly in various languages

Teachers who have expertise in Jeevanvidya philosophy and its applications conduct classes for children (3 to 15 age group). The main objective of these classes is to build a strong foundation of values of life which are based on the universal principles of Jeevanvidya philosophy.
These classes are conducted over teleconferences. Topics covered include gratitude, learn with fun, perseverance, mind management strategies for success and happiness etc.
These classes were started in August 2017 with 10 students and now over 100 students are attending them.
A recent survey conducted for the parents whose children are a part of these classes have observed a positive change in the behavior of their children and would highly recommend these classes to other parents as well!
A similar program is being implemented in the schools of Dallas, Texas since 2015. Jeevanvidya’s mind management workshops were conducted for educators in Dallas in 2018. Over 70 educators participated in the workshop and all of them stated that this workshop met or exceeded their expectations in their feedback.
To enroll your child in the Character Building Classes, please fill the form below the link:
Please refer the below schedule of these classes for age group 7 to 20 and enroll your kids/youth as per their age group and time preferences.
Day Time Age Group
Monday 5:30 pm EST 4-8 years
Monday 8:30 pm EST 8-14 years
Tuesday 8:00 pm EST 6-9 years
Tuesday 8:30 pm EST 8-14 years
Wednesday 6:00 pm EST 4-9 years
Wednesday 8:00 pm EST 4-8 years
Thursday 7:00 pm EST 4-8 years
Thursday 8:30 pm EST 6-9 years
Thursday 8:45-9:15 pm EST 8-14 years
Thursday 8:45-9:15 pm EST 15-20 years
Thursday 7:45 pm EST 4-8 years
Friday 6:30 pm EST 4-10 years
Friday 6:30 pm EST 6-9 years
Friday 6:30 pm EST 8-14 years
Saturday 11:00 am EST 6-9 years
Before enrolling kids in Character Building Classes, parents are advised to listen to recorded teleconference sessions listed below:
Part I  Science of the mind
 Speaker : Prachi Shinde
Speaker : Gargi Sukhatankar

Character Building Sessions For Children @ Princeton

“The Learning Experience” is a day-care center in Princeton for kids from six weeks to five years. Every summer break the center encourages and invites guests to present and introduce kids to different activities ranging from philanthropy, sports, arts, etc. The center took this opportunity to introduce kids who belong to the age group of 3 years to 5 years to Jeevanvidya and its principles. Jeevanvidya student Renu Khot conducted over three sessions at the center and presented stories on gratitude followed by an interactive Q&A session.
The kids were encouraged to speak up on their thoughts about gratitude and express their gratitude towards their parents, teachers, and friends.
The session was made interactive by having the kids make posters and cards expressing their gratitude.

We look forward to hearing from you. Enroll your kids in these Character-Building Classes and experience the positive changes in them.


“I really enjoy CBC because I get to talk and interact with smart little minds!” –Rachana Kelkar

Rachana got her Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences and is working as a Consultant at CAMP4 Therapeutics. Rachana was 3 years old when her parents introduced her to JV philosophy. She has been a part of CBC for the last 2 months. Rachana is our new CBC teacher and, in her classes, really enjoys interacting with her students. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, painting, and biking!

“CBC classes motivate me to be a better person.I feel thankful to share Jeevan Vidya knowledge through games, stories and experiments with kids and youth. The creativity and wisdom involved in CBC is the biggest attraction for me to teach every week. The classes energize and refresh me immensely. The unique features of CBC are their relevance to daily living and practical strategies to make life better.” –Gargi Sukhatankar, OTR, RYT

Gargi is a pediatric Occupational Therapist. She is  also a Registered yoga teacher. She works as an Occupational Therapist for Charter schools and Circle of care.  She started learning about Jeevanvidya when she was 6.  Her grandparents introduced her to Jeevanvidya. She says her personal and professional achievements are a result of Jeevanvidya practice. She has been teaching CBC classes since 2010. She really enjoys traveling, dancing and cooking. She also adores animals.

“I really enjoy CBC because engaging with children enhances my understanding of the concepts!”- Archana Carvalho

Archana earned her Master’s degree in Human Resource Development and Management. She now works as an HR Administrative Assistant at Dura-Li np ne. She learned about the JV philosophy when she was 16 and has been a part of CBC for the past two years. Archana is a teacher who makes learning fun and can explain difficult ideas in a way that’s easy for kids to understand. Archana says that the JV philosophy helped her live a happy life while achieving her dreams responsibly. She really enjoys working with JV to make a positive impact on the future of kids. In her free time, she loves to travel, dance, and enjoy motivational and inspiring content.

CBC is my lifeline! It gives me immense happiness watching kids have an “ah ha” moment when they are introduced to Jeevanvidya knowledge” – Prachi Shinde
Prachi got her Masters in Management Information Systems from State University of  New York at Buffalo and is working as a Senior Compliance Manager at Toronto Dominion Bank. Prachi was introduced to JV philosophy in 2010 when JV strategies helped her to pursue her dream of master’s education. She has been volunteering as a CBC teacher for the last 6.5 years in the age group of 6-10 years. In her free time, she enjoys singing, cooking, organizing and listening to audiobooks!

I  really enjoy CBC because I get to  inspire kids to reach their full potential by helping them understand the power of mind and implement practical Jeevanvidya strategies. -Vivek Shinde   

Vivek works as a Lead Cloud Data Architect at Google Cloud. He has done his Masters in MIS from State University of New York at Buffalo. His grandmother introduced him to Jeevanvidya and he has been conducting CBC classes since 2019. One of his favorite Jeevanvidya strategies which he tries to follow is “Love Work and Bless All”.  In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing tabla, drums and traveling. 

“I enjoy CBC because it gives me an opportunity to share Jeevanvidya knowledge with kids and learn from them” -Mamata Shirsat

Mamata is Master of Science in Biochemistry . She works as Manager Regulatory Affairs in the Pharmaceutical industry . She was introduced to Jeevanvidya by her parents in early childhood. She was teaching CBC classes in India as well. CBC makes her satisfied when kids apply different JV strategies to become happy and successful. She likes to travel, hike and listen to music in her free time. 

“I really enjoy CBC because it always amazes me to see little minds work and help them explore their full potential through the power of our mind and Jeevanvidya Strategies.” –Anagha Pandit

Anagha has completed B.Sc in Human Development from University of Mumbai and is currently a Customer Service Manager in Government Organization in Toronto. She has been a student of Jeevanvidya since she was 10. Her mother introduced her to Jeevanvidya. She has been conducting CBC classes since 2017. She says Jeevanvidya philosophy helps her to create a happy balance between her family and work life. Anagha loves to travel and enjoys spending her free time crafting and reading.

“I really enjoy CBC because I really like working with Curious minds. Kids’ curiosity gives me motivation to sharpen my Jeevanvidya concepts and learn something new from them every week.” -Yogita Bhatkhande

Yogita Has completed M.Sc in Plant Physiology from University of Mumbai and is currently working as QA Engineer At Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California. She was introduced to Jeevanvidya in 2011 by one of the CBC students while she was working as a teacher in Private school. Yogita has been conducting CBC classes since 2018. She has been learning Indian Classical Music since childhood and has participated in many stage programs. In her free time she also enjoys Gardening, Cooking and Travelling along with singing.

contributing to positively shaping the kids lives through the power of Jeevanvidya knowledge. ” -Sonali kulkarni (Kadam)

Sonali has completed Bachleor of Computer Science and Engineering from Nanded, India and is working as an IT professional over last 28 years. She is currently working as Innovation Lead in TCS Pace Port (Innovation Center) at Toronto Canada. She was introduced to Jeevanvidya in 2005. Sonali has been conducting CBC classes in North America since 2020 and also has had the experience of conducting classes in India for 2 years. She loves listening to Jeevanvidya sessions especially through you tube videos and conference calls by Mr. Pralhad Pai. She is passionate about learning and applying Jeevanvidya in her corporate and family life. She loves cooking, listening to bollywood music and watching movies.

“Having been a part of Character Building Classes from a young age, I’ve witnessed how this experience has significantly molded my character. it’s a space where not only children but also teachers partake in a dynamic exchange of life lessons."Snehal Dalavi

Meet Snehal Dalvi, an Industrial Psychologist and Workplace Culture Enthusiast with a deep interest in the psychology of gratitude. She is a Senior Consultant at Great Place To Work, India. Her enthusiasm for interaction and learning extends to Character Building Classes, where she connects with kids, seemlessly entering their world as she introduces the jeevanvidya strategies to them. Introduced to Jeevanvidya at a young age by her mother, her journey has evolved from being a CBC student to becoming a CBC teacher, all while maintaining her status as a lifelong student of Jeevanvidya Philosophy. In addition to her passion for character building, Snehal finds joy in dancing and travelling.

“I really enjoy conducting CBC as I get to learn from the little minds while interacting and introducing them to Jeevanvidya  knowledge. I always look forward to meeting these smart & inquisitive minds every week. “ -Snehal Chavan Ghadge

Snehal got her master’s in Urban & Regional Planning and is working as a Planner at Laberge Group. Snehal was 10 years old when she was introduced to JV philosophy by her parents. She has been a part of CBC since 2021. Snehal is grateful to be a part of JV from such a young age, and credits JV strategies to have helped in her professional and personal life. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, and DIY’s!

“I really enjoy conducting CBC as it gives me immense pleasure to pass on the knowledge that my mentors at Jeevanvidya teach me. I apply it everyday in my life. My favorite JV strategy that I use a lot is the well wishing strategy..  “ – Varsha Natu

Varsha completed her Bachelors in Engineering from Pune, India. She works as an Educator in Jefferson county public schools, Kentucky. She and her family were introduced to Jeevanvidya in the year 2000. She has been a part of CBC since 2012. In her free time, she enjoys reading, painting, hiking, and listening to music. She is a cat person.

“I love CBC classes because I get to interact with kids who think out of the box and inspire me. Also I get to teach them the amazing knowledge of Jeevanvidya which I am learning and getting tremendous results after applying the knowledge. I feel I can give back to society by creating exemplary citizens of the future for our nation.”– Aarti Patange

Aarti has completed her masters in Finance MBA and works as a Senior manager in Cognizant technology Solutions in Minneapolis. She has been into CBC since 2020 . She was introduced to Jeevanvidya when she was in 10th grade and she has had amazing experiences not only in personal life but also in her professional life. Her hobbies are listening to Bollywood songs,cooking, planning and organizing, and Graphology.

“I enjoy that CBC brings joy and positivity by blooming  minds of the children and teachers alike. When I teach, I learn. When I teach children, I learn to be happy and curious. When I teach children Jeevanvidya concepts, I learn to be happy about what I have and curious about how I can make more progress in life. CBC indeed is joyful journey ” – Sayali Deshpande

Sayali has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biosciences and works at a pharmaceutical company as  a strategy and analytics team lead.  Sayali started teaching the character building classes (CBC) in 2018. Sayali was introduced to Jeevanvidya through a school friend. Sayali is grateful to fellow Jeevanvidya practitioners and her CBC students for their support to learn and practice Jeevanvidya principles. In her spare time, Sayali enjoys cooking, dancing, and visiting National parks.

“I enjoy CBC because it gives me the opportunity to teach Jeevanvidya values to the young generation and impact their lives in a meaningful way. I have been learning and applying Jeevanvidya knowledge since childhood and it has helped me a lot. It gives me immense happiness when I share this precious knowledge that was instilled upon me by Jeevanvidya mentors.” – Ashwini Tasgaonkar

Ashwini has completed Bachelors in Computer Engineering from University of Pune, India. She is currently working as a Senior Manager in a well-known education technology company in silicon valley. Ashwini has been teaching CBC classes since 2010. She was introduced to Jeevanvidya by her grandparents when she was in 7th grade. In her spare time, Ashwini enjoys hiking, reading, and writing.

“ I am in love with the CBC curriculum because it is a step by step guide to make kids excellent people. In this process of teaching CBC classes I am becoming a better person too.”- Vidya Salunkhe

Vidya has a  Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She is naturally a great teacher. She has been a student of Jeevanvidya since 2015. She started teaching CBC in 2019. Vidya loves the knowledge of Jeevanvidya and feels grateful to share it with children. Vidya loves reading,cooking and traveling.

“I enjoy CBC because of Jeevanvidya’s scientific knowledge of ‘Life,’ which is practical and results-oriented. The well – designed curriculum created by experienced teachers, offers a holistic approach to the physical, emotional and social, well-being of young learners. This motivates me to participate in the CBC program, and I find immense joy in both learning and teaching. Interacting with the little champs brightens my day."Harsha

Harsha holds a B.Com degree from Mumbai University, a Diploma in Information Systems and Management, APTECH, Mumbai and a Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training, ACT, Bangalore. She worked as an IT professional for more than 12 years and was ‘Sr. Software Engineer’ at Patni Computer Systems. Harsha has been conducting CBC classes since 2020. She is grateful for her mother who introduced Jeevanvidya to her at the age of 9 years. She began learning and studying Jeevanvidya in 2013. Harsha likes teaching, gardening, and studying science.

“I find great satisfaction in observing children embrace the joy of learning and applying Jeevanvidya strategies to achieve success and conquer challenges at a young age. Over the years, Jeevanvidya philosophy has significantly shaped my beliefs, and I firmly believe that these values are vital in shaping a strong society. This conviction drives me to conduct CBC classes on a weekly basis.” -Prashant Ghadge

Prashant Ghadge holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University, India, and a Master of Science from Lamar University, Texas. Currently, he works as a Project Engineer specializing in compression technology in the Oil and Gas Industry in Houston, Texas. Prashant is enthusiastic about innovative methods for spreading the Jeevanvidya philosophy, as he believes it can benefit many who are unaware of it. In his free time, he enjoys playing musical instruments and pursuing photography.

(Mainly for individuals and families)
Study groups for adults are conducted over weekly teleconferences or in the form of in-person meetups. Adults interested to learn more about Jeevanvidya philosophy form groups and study Jeevanvidya concepts by referring Jeevanvidya material such as books, recordings and have interactive discussions.
Jeevanvidya experts guide them on a practical application of Jeevanvidya in various areas such as work-life balance, parenting, professional development, health, wellness, etc.
People share their experiences about how the implementation of Jeevanvidya techniques on a day to day life helped them achieve their goals.
At present, Jeevanvidya study groups for adults are conducted in Charlotte, NC and Bay Area, CA, in the USA.
For more info, please contact us.

Jeevanvidya concepts are discussed in detail through weekly teleconference calls conducted in various languages such as English, Hindi and Marathi.
These calls provide clarification on questions related to applications of Jeevanvidya knowledge and strategies in daily life.
Pralhad Pai, Jeevanvidya Life Trustee and Expert facilitates these teleconference calls. The table below lists all the teleconference calls conducted during the week with timings and links.




Call Number

Meeting ID for Free Conf Call App

Free Conf Call Links


Frequency, Day


Jeevanvidya Center USA Saturday English Teleconference Call


Conf call number- United States +1 701-802-5265
 Access code- 3600363#
India +91 172 510 0958
 (Press *6 to unmute )
 Meeting ID : jvmenglishconference

 9:30pm EST to 10pm EST

Weekly Every Saturday, USA


Jeevanvidya Center USA Monday Parenting Teleconference Call


Conf call number- United States +1 605-313-5111
 Access code- : 350371#
India +91 172 510 0948
 (Press *6 to unmute )
 Meeting ID : jvmenglishconference

9:30 pm to 10pm EST EST

Weekly Every Monday, USA


Jeevanvidya Center USA Sunday Hindi Teleconference Call


Conf call number-
USA +1 605-468-8788
 Access code- 605967#
India: +91 172 519 9260
 Meeting ID : jvm_hindiconference

10pm EST to 11pm EST

Weekly Every Sunday, USA


Jeevanvidya Center USA Saturday Marathi Teleconference Call


Conf call number-
USA +1 605-475-4086
 Access code- 936601#
India: +91 172 519 9074
 Meeting ID : teleconference_jeevanvidy

10pm to 11pm EST

Weekly Every Saturday, USA


Jeevanvidya Mission India Wednesday Teleconference Call


Conf call number-
USA +1 605-475-3280
 Access code- 680726#
India: +91 172 519 9074
 Meeting ID : jvmindiacall

11:30pm to 12:30pm EST

Weekly Every Wednesday, USA


Jeevanvidya Center USA, Tuesday Australia Teleconference Call


Conf Call Number
 USA: 605-472-5355
 Access code- 382422#
 Meeting ID :jvc_australia

7am to 8am EST

Weekly Every Tuesday, USA


Jeevanvidya Center USA, Daily 15min Teleconference Call


Conf call number-
USA +1 605-475-4086
 Access code- 936601#
India: +91 172 519 9074
 Meeting ID : jvm15mins

9pm to 9:15pm EST

Tue-Thur, USA


Jeevanvidya Center USA, Daily Upasna Teleconference Call


Conf call number-
USA +1 605-475-4086
 Access code- 936601#
India: +91 172 519 9260
 Meeting ID : teleconference_jeevanvidy

10pm EST to 11pm EST

Mon-Fri, USA

Jeevanvidya mind training teleconferences for families raising a child with special needs are held weekly over teleconferences.
Links for 2019 recorded Jeevanvidya English teleconferences for special needs children are listed below:
Part 5 : Well-wishing strategy
             Session I
             Session II
Part 9 : Tips to expedite results of Jeevanvidya mind management strategies
              Session I
              Session II
Part 10 : How to increase focus in children for learning
              Session I
              Session II
Part 11: Experiences regarding Super Positive Affirmations
              Sheetal’s Experience
              Ashwini’s Experience
Part 12: Living a balanced life
              Session I
Part 17 : Visualization
               Session I
               Session II
Part 19 : Divine bank and Visualization
               Session I
               Session II
               Session III
               Session IV
               Session V
Speakers : Pralhad Pai and Gargi Sukhatankar
Stay tuned every week for a new recording.

(Individuals as well as organizations)
In future, Jeevanvidya Center Inc. is planning to arrange special lectures and webinars providing guidance to the students of colleges and universities about academic and career success, guidance for corporate professionals on stress management and professional development.
Jeevanvidya experts will also conduct courses giving in-depth knowledge of Jeevanvidya to interested people.
Jeevanvidya global conventions will be arranged once in every two years in one of the states in the US where Jeevanvidya students from all over the world can come together and participate in various events such as lectures, workshops, interactive discussions, group activities etc.

Our second Jeevanvidya global convention was held on June 30 and July 1, 2018, at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Charlotte Executive Park, 5700 Westpark Drive, Charlotte, NC, USA, 28217.

For more info please contact us.

The Jeevanvidya Center Inc.’s mind management program began in 3 public schools in Wylie Texas in 2015. The program has expanded to 5 more behavior units and a few General Education classrooms since then.
The results have been very encouraging as evidenced by the student and staff testimonials seen further below.

According to behavioral unit staff, the following positive changes were observed after the implementation of the mind management strategies in the behavior unit at a Junior High campus:

  • Decrease in physical and verbal aggression by the students
  • Increased teacher productivity
  • Increased classroom participation
  • Decreased staff burnout
Testimonials :

Student Testimonials :
“When we had a test in Math, I did the walking affirmation in BEST and all day which lead me to be confident and excited."
“When I’m fighting my older sister, I breathe and say positive things and it calms me back down"
“I have used these strategies every day before every class. My grades have jumped very highly since then.
“When someone made me mad, I decided to be positive and let it go."
“When I was practicing my drum set at my house, I was getting kind of frustrated with messing up and I just relaxed for a minute and thought positive and it helped me not be stressed."
“I was walking to my writing class and I was kind of out of the game but my walking affirmations made me relaxed."
“I was stressed out due to a test in History so I went home and laid down in silence and decided to just breathe and it helped me calm down and be ready to study."
“I am more motivated to go to classes that I dislike. Math has always been hard for me but I have achieved the goal of raising my grades thanks to your magnificent relaxation time."

Staff Testimonials :
“Here are my experiences with the following strategies:

Walking relaxation: A good replacement for the worry of multi-tasking that we usually do as we pace through the school. The connection with the movement helps to make an automatic thought as you begin to feel the cadence of your steps. I enjoy this part the most in my home life walking outside to help clear my thoughts of negativity and anxiety, and replace it with gratitude and happiness.

Well-wishing: This has been such a pleasant exchange between my students and myself at the end of our time together. It just ends our time with a smile a caring and loving feeling. The students have enjoyed this part more than expected.

Gratitude: We have posted are statements of gratitude on leaves and attached it to a tree on our wall. We call it “Growing our Gratitude" and enjoyed watching our tree bloom. Students have shared that they have made their parents happy by going home and sharing with them what they are thankful for their parents for. One student shared with me that she wrote gratitude statements for in her journal at home to help when she was feeling anxious. She said it helped her

Based on the success of this program, around 40 educators attended the Jeevanvidya mind management workshop this summer of 2018.
The feedback data reflected that 100 percent educators responded that the workshop met or exceeded their expectations

(Mainly for individuals and families)
Jeevanvidya Center Inc. will provide personal and group guidance to the people in various areas.
Guidance aimed at helping people who are facing specific challenges in many areas of their life.
Jeevanvidya experts will provide specific guidance using Jeevanvidya principles and will recommend practical techniques that will help them successfully deal with the challenging situations.