According to Jeevanvidya that Human body is a wonderful gift of nature and works like a machine. Jeevanvidya believes that one should nurture one's body with excellent habits and impressions, culture the body and mind with excellent education, training, and teachings, nourish the body with good food and staying away from undesirable addictions and vices.
All actions of Man performed at three levels of thoughts, speech and physical action are recorded and fed into a human body which acts like a Divine Computer. The quality of life will be determined by the quality of input of thoughts, speech, and deeds . If a human being knowingly or unknowingly feeds unhealthy or negative inputs it will result into unfavorable circumstances. Human body records all the thoughts, feelings and emotions , that body senses and feels. This is permanently imprinted on the deeper level of subconscious mind which impacts our quality of life.
Jeevanvidya calls the store house of these imprints as Invisible Divine Bank which exists on the subtle consciousness of every individual. The ‘subtle’ impressions of the good and the bad actions performed by every individual are reflected on one’s ‘deeper’ Consciousness and these subtle impressions are ultimately deposited as Good Merits or Bad Merits in the Invisible Divine Bank. The transactions of this Invisible Divine Bank are performed by sub-conscious mind, intuitively by depositing these merits in the Invisible Divine Bank and utilizing these deposits for giving favorable and unfavorable results in human life.