• Jeevanvidya philosophy is universal and inclusive in nature, it is useful for the whole mankind irrespective of their age, sex, religious or political belief
  • Jeevanvidya philosophy is secular it is intimately related to human nature and can be practiced by anyone who wants to learn the art of successful living regardless of their faith or religious belief.
  • Jeevanvidya philosophy is based on the practicalities of life which are easy to understand and apply in day to day life.
  • Jeevanvidya philosophy is eternal, as it is based on the laws of nature which are eternal and universal.
  • “You are the Architect of your own destiny”
    Jeevanvidya believes that “You are the Architect of your own destiny”, it emphasizes that we create our own destiny through our thoughts, words, and actions. The science of Jeevanvidya places responsibility on each individual for his/ her life. It teaches us how to make harmonious and wise choices at the three levels of thoughts, words, and actions resulting in a successful and happy life. According to Jeevanvidya, “Efforts in right direction have the potential to achieve everything in life including “Self-realization”
  • Equal emphasis on material and spiritual pursuits
    Jeevanvidya asserts that both material development, as well as spiritual progress, are absolutely essential if Man desires to lead a wholesome, successful and happy life. It emphasizes that "Just as a bird needs two wings to fly happily in the sky, similarly man too needs the two wings of worldly life as well as spiritual life to dwell blissfully and gracefully in the ‘sky' of life.
  • Beneficial to everyone in the wide socio-economic strata of society
    Jeevanvidya helps people to accept circumstances as they are and provides necessary tools to overcome challenging circumstances. It caters to everyone in the socio-economic society and helps to achieve progress, peace, and happiness in life. It is boon to people looking to succeed and build their life. It fortifies your existing resources and motivates one to excel further in one’s life. Jeevanvidya believes that we all are interconnected and interdependent and progress of one leads to progress of everyone.
  • 100% Practical, Logical and Result Oriented
    While Jeevanvidya does promise revolutionary changes in the quality of one’s life, it does not promote irrational or blind faith and believes that changes will be seen based on the person's ability and resilience in accepting these values. The time taken to observe these changes is relative to the commitment of the individual in practicing these principles.