According to Jeevanvidya, God is neither an idol nor a human form nor merely a power or energy. God is a cosmic life force and source of each and every creation. This cosmic life force dwells within every creation but has forgotten its divinity.
God is Divine Power, Divine Consciousness, Divine Intuition, Divine Knowledge, and Bliss . This God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. God can be described as intrinsically automatic, self-regulatory, natural, systematized order endowed with Universal Laws of Nature.
To elaborate this description
  • Intrinsically Automatic
    Transformation of Seeds in flower or fruits is an automatic process.
  • Self-regulatory
    The planets rotate in a fix orbit, sun rises in east sets in west, the seasons spring, autumn, winter and summer are fixed.
  • Systematized Order
    Each living species gives birth to species of its own kind, human giving birth to human, lion gives birth to lion cub etc.
  • Natural
    The creation is result of laws of nature it exists naturally from ages to ages. It is a wonderful, miraculous, secret of Nature