Jeevanvidya is a non-profit organization setup with an objective of helping individuals be part of happy and harmonious society, to achieve social well-being through mind management and to develop practical skills and solutions for day to day challenges. These objectives are achieved by sharing and imparting the Jeevanvidya knowledge and philosophy to the masses.
Jeevanvidya philosophy is based on the laws of nature and simplifies the art of successful and harmonious living. It aims at balancing material pursuits along with spiritual growth. The goal of Jeevanvidya is to live a holistic life by balancing professional, personal and spiritual growth.
“Just as a bird needs two wings to fly happily in the sky, similarly man too needs the two wings of worldly life as well as spiritual life to dwell blissfully and gracefully in the ‘sky’ of life.
Email: geeta@jeevanvidya.us