Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai
A great social reformer, famous philosopher, spiritual leader and originator of the innovative Jeevanvidya (science of life and art of harmonious and successful living) philosophy – was born in Mumbai, India, on October 21, 1923 in a middle-class family.
He was a self motivated individual and realized soul with highest level of compassion and concern for the people. The sole aim of his self-less endeavour was to make every human being happy and world a much better place to live. He founded a non-profitable, registered, secular, educational and social organization called Jeevanvidya Mission in 1955. ( for achieving his goal. He worked selflessly for fulfilment of his vision to make the entire human race happy for over 60 years. He never charged royalty for his books. All his discourses, lectures and guidance was free of charge. He delivered more than 6000+ discourses in Maharahtra and adjacent states within India and in USA and Canada abroad; wrote 27 books (millions in print; many of which got translated in Hindi, English, Kannada, Gujarati languages) and imparted guidance to million+ of people.
He has received number of awards from different organizations and entities as well as letters of deep appreciation. His weekly lecture is being telecast on Indian television channel for over last decade and half. A daily program on radio broadcasting his Thoughts For a Better Life have created a record in ‘All India Radio’s Asmita Channel’ for a continuous run of 4000+ days (more than 10 years)! He inaugurated Jeevanvidya Dnyanapeeth (Jeevanvidya World Knowledge Center) at Karjat, Maharashtra, India in April 2012. He passed away in May 2012 on account of small illness when he was in his 90th year.
He wrote total 27 books about Jeevanvidya philosophy – theory and practice – with view to make holistic positive transformation in the life of the reader. He handled lot of topics which are important that make us lead life full of prosperity, success and happiness. Through his books, he was able to connect with every segment of the society students, youth, workers, farmers, family people, and women – working as well as homemakers, businessmen, professionals and common man in general. His narration of various subjects was simple but effective and useful. He brings in a very different outlook at seeing things in day-to-day life. His books were so popular that total 100 Million+ copies have been sold so far.
Born Satguru Shri Wamanrao Pai
October 21, 1922
Girgaon, Mumbai, India
Died May 29, 2012 (aged 89)
Mumbai, India
Nationality Indian Education B. A. Honors (Economics)
Occupation Govt. Service Spouse Sharda Wamanrao Pai (1926 – current)
Children Malan Vidyadhar Kamat (1949 - current)
Pralhad Wamanrao Pai (1950 - current)
Parents Gajananrao Krishnarao Pai
Radhabai Gajananrao Pai (1810–1871)