Teachers with the expert-level knowledge of Jeevanvidya philosophy and its applications conduct classes for children (5 to 15 age group). The main goal of these classes is to build a strong foundation of values of life-based on the universal principles of
Jeevanvidya philosophy.
These classes reinforce and inculcate important values of life such as responsibility, respect, compassion, kindness, harmonious thinking, wisdom in a day to day life, etc. through storytelling, games, skits and other interesting activities.
Real-life scenarios are discussed in the class and variety of practical techniques are taught to implement these principles into various areas of life.
These classes help children improve their self-esteem and emotional and mental well-being, which are very much needed to face challenging situations in day to day life with courage, confidence and a feeling of gratitude with full positivity.
Character Development Sessions For Children @ Princeton
The Learning experience is a day care center for kids from 6 weeks to 5 years. Every summer break the center encourages and invites guests to present and introduce kids to different activities ranging from philanthropy, sports , arts etc. The center took this opportunity to introduce kids age group 3 yrs to 5 yrs to Jeevanvidya and it’s principles.
Over 3 sessions with the center Jeevanvidya student Renu Khot presented kids with 3 stories on gratitude, followed by interactive q&a.
The kids were encouraged to speak up on their thoughts about gratitude and express their gratitude towards theirs parents , teachers and friends.
The session was made interactive by having the kids make posters and cards Expressing their gratitude

( Mainly for individuals and families )
Study groups for adults are conducted over weekly teleconferences or in the form of in-person meetups. Adults interested to learn more about Jeevanvidya philosophy form groups and study Jeevanvidya concepts by referring Jeevanvidya material such as books, recordings and have interactive discussions.
Jeevanvidya experts guide them on a practical application of Jeevanvidya in various areas such as work-life balance, parenting, professional development, health, and wellness, etc.
People share their experiences about how the implementation of Jeevanvidya techniques on a day to day life helped them achieve their goals.
Right now, Jeevanvidya study groups for adults are conducted in Charlotte, NC and Bay Area, CA, USA
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Jeevanvidya teleconferences are held every Saturday night 10:00 p.m. Eastern standard time. People from all over the world join these conferences. These conferences are recorded, and past conference recordings are available to conference participants. Right now, these conferences are in Marathi ( Indian language ) soon we will be starting this conference in English. For more info, please contact us.

( Individuals as well as organizations )
In future, Jeevanvidya Center Inc. is planning to arrange special lectures and webinars providing guidance to the students of colleges and universities about academic and career success, guidance for corporate professionals on stress management and professional development.
Jeevanvidya experts will also conduct courses giving in-depth knowledge of Jeevanvidya to interested people.
Jeevanvidya global conventions will be arranged once in every two years in one of the states in the US where Jeevanvidya students from all over the world can come together and participate in various events such as lectures, workshops, interactive discussions, group activities etc.

Our second Jeevanvidya global convention will be held on June 30 and July 1, 2018, at Hotel Crowne Plaza, Charlotte Executive Park, 5700 Westpark Drive, Charlotte, NC, USA, 28217.

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( For Organizations )
Jeevanvidya Center Inc. is conducting character education programs at schools. These programs inculcate important values of life in students through audio-visual presentations, group activities, games etc. Jeevanvidya experts work closely with school teachers to implement these programs at school.
Here are some of the benefits that students are experiencing – improved focus in the classrooms, improved listening skills, improvement in grades and overall academic performance, increase in overall enthusiasm and interest in learning, increase in the level of happiness and positivity throughout the day.

(Mainly for individuals and families)
Jeevanvidya Center Inc. will provide personal and group counseling to the people in various areas.
Counseling sessions aimed at helping people who are facing specific challenges in many areas of their life.
Jeevanvidya experts will provide specific guidance using Jeevanvidya principles and will recommend practical techniques that will help them successfully deal with the challenging situations.